Ordering Information

Mane Attraction – Custom Horse Hair Jewellery is an on-line shop, and not a shopfront which is open to the public. Those local or travelling to the Bendigo area are welcome by appointment only. Please contact us before ordering to make an appointment.

Current turnaround time is 2 weeks

On-line Shop Orders:

This is a quick and efficient system via our website & offers a variety of payment & shipping options.

All you have to do is to add items to your shopping cart & then checkout your order on-line. You can set up an account at that point or checkout without an account as a guest. Setting up an account is the preferred way to shop at our store.



Additions or alterations to orders are not possible once an order is placed. This restriction is due to the time consuming process of altering orders which results in order processing being slowed down. Please select carefully at checkout.

However, If you do need to change we reserve the right to charge a $5.00 levy to cover labor involved.

If you request your order be cancelled and refunded we also reserve the right to charge a $3.00 fee to cover bank fees. If you do wish to place a second order and would like it added to the first it would need to be valued at $10 or more. It may be possible to have this order combined with the first order if it is submitted quickly but please check first with us.

If an item is requested to be added to order valued under $10.00 a $3.00 fee is charged to cover admin & bank fees. Please contact us with details of what you need to add so that we can check it is possible and advise how to proceed.

Ordering Tip:

It is a good idea to log-in or set up your account before shopping. That way if you leave the process at any point the items will be saved in your shopping cart and not be lost.

If you aren’t logged in and then leave for a long period the cart may disappear & you will have to start all over again when you return. Save the cart then you can always alter it when you next log in. Items will stay in there indefinitely so long as your are logged in when they are added.
We also have a Wish List facility so that you can add items to that for future orders. To access this you need to set up your account first and log-in to add items to your wish list.

Please note we have a minimum order total required of $10.00 not including postage.

Once you have placed your order, prepare your horses hair and post it us. Click on this link for more information and the postal address…MORE INFORMATION

For a list of out Terms and Conditions please CLICK HERE

All original designs remain the property of Mane Attraction – Custom Horse Hair Jewellery. Therefore, will not be replicated without permission.


Horse Hair Bracelet made by Mane Attraction - Custom Horse Hair Jewellery