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International Ordering Information:

We at Mane Attraction now welcome International orders.

If you are sending Horsehair from countries other than Australia, you MUST ensure the hair is completely Clean, Washed, and Brushed. It MUST be free of any seeds, feed, grass, hay or any other contaminants

All Horsehair must also be free from all feces, blood, dirt and ectoparasites to qualify for exemption from restrictions. Items that are found to be soiled as above are to be refused entry and either destroyed or returned to the country of origin.

Mane Attraction will not be held accountable or liable for any horsehair that has been destroyed, returned or gone missing.

Washing Instructions:

Please secure the hair with a rubber band (NO zip ties). Thoroughly wash your horses hair in hot water with a suitable disinfectant, rinse and repeat washing with human shampoo (no conditioner please). For a more thorough wash you can leave your horses hair to soak in a hot and suitable washing solution overnight and thoroughly rinse and dry the next day.

The hair must then be thoroughly dried before sending. Please don’t send damp or wet hair!

Before Sending:

The hair must be stored in a clean container or plastic zip lock bag, do NOT send loose in an envelope. Please do not send with other items in the same bag, a separate bag must be used. If sending more than one lot of hair, each lot must be separated and in there own bag or container.

Only send the required amount of horsehair (NOT the whole tail). Please see the F.A.Q page for more details or if you are unsure please use the Contact page to send us an inquiry.

Ensure your contact details are correct and included with your horses hair in case you need to be contacted regarding your parcel. A Tracking Number is also recommended to track your parcel. Include a note with your parcel about your order.

Please accurately declare your parcel to prevent restriction into Australia.

Each parcel will be subject to Inspection.

If any costs are incurred for any treatments, inspections, or procedures for export or disposal, these costs will be at your expense.


The address to post your hair to is Mane Attraction P.O. Box 25, Chirnside Park Victoria 3116 Australia.


More Information:

For more general information please see our F.A.Q page. Click here F.A.Q Page



Customers can view our full list of our Return, Refund Policy and our Terms and Conditions click here….  TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Terms and Conditions must be agreed to before ordering.


Afterpay is currently only available to Australian customers. We hope to have this upgraded to US and UK customers shortly.


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