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Services for Designer Horse Hair Bracelets


Service 1
Purchase of pre-designed horse hair bracelets and jewellery.
There are many pre-designed horsehair bracelets and jewellery pieces available for purchase on the Shop page. These can be made with your horses tail hair or with my stock of hair. Bracelets, Tassels, Watches. Cufflinks, Rings and much more.

Service 2
Custom made designer horse hair bracelets, pieces of jewellery and keepsakes.
Have your own design in mind for a horsehair bracelet or piece of jewellery?
Just use the contact page to send us your ideas or a picture to have your piece professionally made. Similarly if your looking for that special one-of-a-kind designer piece, we therefore can design and make a piece custom made just for you.

Service 3
Purchase of pre-made designer horse hair bracelets.

There are many designer bracelets in the shop that are pre-made and available for immediate purchase. Therefore, just click on your favourite piece to order yours today.

All pieces made by Mane Attraction – Custom Horse Hair Jewellery, will be provided a Certificate of Authenticity on request.

Finally, if you have any questions please click on the Contact tab to send us a contact form with your enquiry.

All original designs remain the property of Mane Attraction – Custom Horse Hair Jewellery. Therefore, shall not be replicated without permission.